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The sound of music has never been better! With the power of a minidisc deck, you can bring a whole new level of sound quality into your home. Featuring 20 bit performance and other state of the art features, you’re going to be blown away by this electronics product. These decks provide excellent home entertainment value, helping you provide your friends and family with all the tunes they need for any occasion. Plus, their size makes them easy enough to unplug and take with you, so you can bring your party wherever you want!

These minidisc decks provide ATRAC digital compression and expansion processing for smooth listening. ATRAC compression means adaptive transform acoustic coding, so having that type of technology on board is a great feature to have. And the six second recording delay allows you to hold on to six seconds of audio in the recording buffer for greater recording flexibility. It actually allows you to skip a lot of nonsense that you might normally have to deal with during your usual recording process. The 20 bit performance level means that you can compress original audio for recording and transferring purposes and still maintain the utmost sound fidelity—get your music to sound the way you want it to every time.

These decks also provide a PWM output which delivers an audio signal featuring excellent dynamic range and sound fidelity. Once you fire up your new system, you’ll also be able to enjoy a great signal to noise ratio. These minidisc decks deliver audio recording and listening technology at its finest.

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