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Digital Recorders

We are living in a digital world, so you’d better not still being using a cassette recorder! Instead, digital recorders provide a much more convenient and high-quality option. And because this is the digital age, there are plenty of options available for you. Here are few things to consider when looking into getting your product.

First, you should carefully consider what you want to use your recorder for. This will help you determine the record time you need. This is the maximum amount of time that audio can be recorded and stored on your device. However, most device do include multiple record time options. But you need to be careful with this because each record mode offers a different quality of recording. LP Mode, or long play mode, offers the longest amount of recording time, but because of that, it also delivers the lowest recording quality. Conversely, ST Mode, or stereo mode, offers the least amount of record time, but delivers the best recording quality. So be sure that you’re comparing the same modes when you look at different models of recorders.

Also, since you’re looking for portable convenience, you should also pay careful attention to the recorder’s memory capabilities—does it have built-in memory or removable memory. Removable memory usually involves some style of memory stick that is inserted into a tiny slot or port on the side of the recorder. There’s an advantage to removable memory because you can select the size of its media capacity, letting you store and transfer great amounts if you wish.

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